Laser hair removal is the number one requested cosmetic procedure in North America. At Vaughan Medical Clinic Spa our highly skilled and professional spa therapists ensure that your treatments are performed in a quick, near painless, and effective manner. Special care is taken to ensure pre-procedure skin treatments as well as post-procedure moisturizing and instructions. Our advanced light and laser based technologies ensure that we are able to remove all unwanted hair and treat all skin types and colours, safely and effectively.

Lasers have been used for several years to remove unwanted hair over-all parts of the body and are also one of the most popular treatment solutions for patients. Lasers are the sole method to permanently eliminate hair from all of parts of the body. Newer technologies allow for fewer and more effective treatments by targeting both the melanin (pigment) within the hair follicle as well as the stem cells down the hair shaft. Although the technologies have improved, laser hair removal still requires multiple sessions to remove hair dependant upon body location because of the different stages of development of your hair. Unwanted hair on your face requires less number of treatments than unwanted hair on the legs, back etc. The latest technologies permit these treatments to generally be painless and less time consuming as the spot size (area of treatment) for the laser is greater. Blond and grey hair is still not a good choice for lasers as they do not contain the pigment essential for the laser to focus on.

The process is basic and you will notice less hair growth after each session, hair will grow in thinner and will also be less noticeable after each treatment. Many parts of the body require less than (3) treatments but other areas of your body will need as many as (6) treatments for clearance. The follicles of hair are permanently destroyed and there is no requirement for additional treatments after the initial number of sessions. All skin types can be treated safely and effectively, see for yourself what makes us different; we sell results not just laser treatments.