We are a Vaughan chiropractor and physiotherapy service provider dedicated to providing our clients with the very best chiropractic services and physiotherapy.

At Vaughan Medical Clinic Rehabilitation we understand the pain and suffering patients feel following Motor Vehicle Accidents, occupational and sporting accidents. We recognize that in order to optimize healing the whole person has to be treated. Using our unique multispecialty model in conjunction with allied healthcare professionals we will formulate a holistic plan to help patients regain their quality of life. Integrated care is our goal. Our team of physicians and healthcare professionals include:

  • Physician specialists
  • Registered Nutritionists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Chiropractic Medical Specialists
  • Massage Therapy

Following an accident, our patient care coordinator will work with the healthcare team to devise a treatment plan and help you navigate the insurance and healthcare system to get the treatment you need and deserve.